Is LabbGo a clinical laboratory?

No. LabbGo is a private intermediary service between the patient and clinical laboratory. The associated clinical laboratory processes and sends the results digitally, while LabbGo is in charge of the customer service and logistics. However, the LabbGo service complies with the same regulation standards of patient information protection as the clinical laboratories.

Where are your services provided?

LabbGo take samples for routine testing in the Municipality of San Juan. For COVID-19 tests, service is provided in the San Juan metropolitan area.

Does Labbgo do routine and/or COVID-19 testing?

Yes. We take samples for routine testing as well as COVID-19 testing (serological and molecular tests).

Does the service have a cost?

Yes. The service has a private cost of $30 per patient, plus the corresponding deductible (if applicable). If the order includes a molecular test (polymerase chain reaction, or PCR) for COVID-19, the private cost is $40 per patient, plus the cost of the test. If ordered with a medical referral, it generally has a $0 deductible. The total cost will be detailed once your appointment is confirmed.

How long do COVID-19 test results take?

For serological tests (Rapid Tests), it takes one day. For molecular (PCR) tests, it takes 3-5 business days. These times are subject to change depending on the quantity of accessible reagents and depending on any order from the Puerto Rico Department of Health.

How long do routine test results take?

It all depends on the quantity and type of tests. Routine laboratory testing can take one to two days to send results. There are specialized tests that may take longer.

How are results sent?

The associated clinical laboratory will send the results by email.

Do you provide other medical services?

No. We only provide the service of taking clinical laboratory samples.

What days do you see patients?

Patients may be seen Monday through Friday. We do not provide services on Saturday and Sunday.

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